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Everything You Should Know Before Taking The Kybella Treatment

Everything You Should Know Before Taking The Kybella Treatment | Sevid Beauty

The extra skin visible under the chin when looking in the mirror has been a sentiment to many people. With the help of medical aesthetics, the double chin appearance can now be minimized through Kybella. Kybella is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can reduce excess fat under the chin, also called the “double chin.” 

How Does Kybella Work?

This non-surgical injectable treatment works on the area under the chin (known as lipolysis). Kybella’s component makes it popular to achieve similar effects to a facelift or liposuction without a prolonged recovery time. Moreover, its main ingredient is a synthetic form of a substance called deoxycholic acid, naturally produced by the body.

Once injected, it functions as a bile acid to absorb fat. Kybella takes that method of action and applies it to a targeted area. After being injected into the chin area, deoxycholic acid destroys fat cells and inhibits their ability to store fat. 

Not only does Kybella is beneficial to the extra fat under the chin, but it can also be used in a few other commonly complained about areas, such as:

  • Bra area
  • Hips
  • Stomach
  • Thighs

What Are Things To Know Before Trying Kybella?

Kybella Is Non-Surgical

Before, people resorted to invasive cosmetic surgery as their only real option. Kybella in-clinic treatment can be carried out without incisions or anesthesia. There is no need to modify the schedule to make room for the session since once the treatment is finished, the patient can leave without any issues. 

Kybella Is FDA-Approved

In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration approved Kybella, an injectable fat-reduction medication. Kybella uses deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule the body synthesizes. This acid aids fat digestion and elimination by dissolving the cell membranes of fat cells. 

The dissolving dead cells are absorbed and processed by the body. Researchers successfully recreated deoxycholic acid by studying its natural components in the human body. It’s safe to assume that the provider won’t inject any illegal substances since Kybella is FDA-approved.

Kybella Procedure’s Preparation

Some OTC medications and supplements may be avoided before, during, or after treatment under the doctor’s or healthcare team’s guidance. Certain medications, including ibuprofen, aspirin, Omega-3 supplements, and St. John’s wort, have increased the risk of bruising. The treated area should also be shaved before the appointment.

Kybella’s Actual Procedure

The patient will be asked to wash the face if it hasn’t been done at home to remove bacteria and minimizes infection risk. After the face is clean and dry, the next step is applying cold packs directly to the treatment areas. This is because cold packs help minimize discomfort during the procedure and reduce swelling.

Once the face is prepped and ready, the provider will perform the injections. Injections last around 15 minutes, but reaching the goal may take multiple sessions. Although some may feel a slight uneasiness, most patients tolerate it well. 

Moreover, it is essential to note that each Kybella session can include up to 50 separate injections. Once the injections are complete, reapplication of the cold packs will help further reduce the swelling.

Kybella’s Quick Treatment Sessions 

A treatment session typically lasts only 15 to 20 minutes. As indicated, patients can take over-the-counter pain medication before treatment to soothe any injection discomfort. 

Several injections are administered to the submental fat area during the procedure, but the number of injections depends on the patient’s needs. An ice pack will be applied immediately afterward to reduce redness and swelling.

Kybella Needs Multiple Treatments

In clinical studies, most patients saw the most significant improvement with 2 to 4 treatment sessions spaced at least one month apart. Because Kybella destroys the fat cells themselves, there is no need to worry about “touch-up” treatments down the road. Once the cells have been destroyed, they are permanently removed and won’t return.

Kybella Is Permanent

The effects of Kybella are long-lasting when fat cells are specifically targeted and killed. Dead fat cells stay dead. New fat cells can be created, though. 

However, if patients put on excess weight, they may get new fat cells in the same places as the old ones. These new fat cells can then store fat and perpetuate the problem. It’s unlikely that the treated area could experience a resurgence in fat cell growth to its pre-treatment levels. 

Although the results of a Kybella procedure are permanent, this does not mean that patients can gain as much weight as they like without worrying about their double chin returning.

Kybella’s Recovery and Outcome

It is not uncommon for those who undergo Kybella to have some mild side effects. Immediately after the injections, a slight, temporary burning sensation will be felt in the injection area due to the deoxycholic acid destroying the fat cells. As a result, swelling and redness will occur. 

This reaction is an indication that the Kybella is taking effect. However, patients may notice the following for the next 5-7 days:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Numbness
  • Redness
  • Firmness in the treatment area

The most common side effects are swelling, redness, tenderness, and firmness. After a couple of days, the firmness in the treated area will soften into a softer, watery swelling. From this point, the body starts to absorb the fluids, and the mild swelling will dissipate gradually.

Keep in mind that the main side effect of Kybella is swelling in the treatment area, and noticeable swelling may last up to 1-2 weeks, depending on the intensity of the treatment. All swelling should have dissipated 4-6 weeks before the final result. At this point, an assessment for a potential subsequent treatment can be made.

Final Thoughts

Kybella rose in popularity as a deoxycholic acid that works by destroying the fat cell wall with which it comes in contact. Sevid Beauty LLC offers Kybella®, an FDA-approved injectable product that helps to remove submental fat. Furthermore, Kybella is the only treatment that permanently eliminates fat cells in some of the most difficult-to-treat areas, including the double chin. 

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