Lashes: Lash Extensions by Sevid Beauty & Aesthetics

Lashes Lash Extensions by Sevid Beauty & Aesthetics

Aside from perfecting your eyebrows, you should also pay attention to your eyelashes. Your eyelashes are not just there for aesthetics: they also play an important role in protecting your eyes. If you are not blessed with long and luscious lashes, don’t worry because there’s a solution for that. Lash extensions are the perfect way […]

What Are 3 Benefits Of Cryotherapy?

What are 3 benefits of cryotherapy By Sevid Beauty & Aesthetics In Bellevue, WA

Cryotherapy, or “cold therapy,” has become increasingly popular wherein the body is exposed to subzero temperatures of up to -140°C / -220°F to stimulate multiple wellness benefits. This technique can be delivered to one area or can be opted for the whole body. Like sitting in a cold tank that seems an odd path to […]