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Cryo T-Elephant

Cryo T-Elephant

Cryotherapy uses the power of the cold to help your body heal, as it activates a systemic fight or flight response that forces your blood away from your extremities and then back into your vital organs. Your body will return to homeostasis through this process, reducing inflammation and pain and boosting energy. This promotes faster healing than traditional ice baths.

Cryo-T Elephant devices deliver localized cold therapy directly to targeted, local areas of the body to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling, resulting in faster recovery times. Using these benefits eliminates the need for prolonged icing and allows you to get back to your normal fitness routines.

How Do Local Cryotherapy Sessions Work?

Vapor is streamed to targeted problem areas for 10 minutes during local cryotherapy. By cooling the exterior of the skin, almost any part of the body can heal from the inside out, invoking an internal anti-inflammatory response. While this can be used on any part of the body, our clients have seen dramatic results in recovering from ankle sprains, knee soreness, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and shoulder strains, just to name a few.

The Treatment

Benefits of Cryo Cool Facial:

Contact Sevid Beauty & Aesthetics in Bellevue, WA, by calling (425) 900-5800 for a consultation to see if Cryotherapy with Cryo T-Elephant or a Cryo Cool Facial is right for you. For your convenience, you may schedule your Cryo T-Elephant appointment online.

Sevid Lash Extensions Services:

Lash Extension Classic Full Set (105mins)

Our lash experts apply one extension to each individual lash. This will help to add in a little fullness, mainly focusing on length. We recommend an extended fill when it has been two and a half weeks or more since your last lash fill.

Lash Extension Hybrid Full Set (120mins)

Hybrid lashes are a mixture of both the Volume and Classic lashes. This look will give you a little more fullness than what you can achieve with a classic on its own. But still a softer, natural look than the volume on its own.

Lash Extension Volume Full Set (135mins)

Volume lash extensions allow you to achieve the most fullness without a lot of weight. Each lash artist handcrafts individual fans, customized towards your style, and then applies them to each individual lash. We recommend lash fills every two to two and a half weeks.

Lash Extension Mega Volume Full Set (180mins)

This definitely is the va-va-voom of lashes. These are the largest fans, with the finest lashes. You definitely will make a statement with bold, beautiful lashes.


Using the Cryo-T Elephant device, our CryoFacialTM delivers a concentrated cold vapor to the face and neck areas. As wrinkles are reduced, and skin is tightened, this induces cell rejuvenation, improves skin tone, and reduces the effects of aging. Go under the ice instead of under the knife!
Our CryoTechnician will use the Elephant’s CryoWand to safely cascade an ultra-cold vapor stream over your skin during our therapy session. During this process, the skin temperature is lowered to a level where collagen is naturally produced, instantly reducing fine lines, tightening the skin, and increasing natural elasticity.

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