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Sculptra is a distinctive injectable offered at Sevid Beauty Spa in Bellevue, WA, that subtly and gradually helps to restore facial volume lost to aging. Unlike immediate wrinkle fillers, Sculptra stimulates the body’s own collagen production to restore facial contours and improve the appearance of creases and wrinkles. This biocompatible and biodegradable compound, made from poly-L-lactic acid, is skillfully injected into the skin, focusing on areas such as the cheeks, jawline, and temples. Sculptra is an excellent choice for those who prefer a more natural-looking and progressive approach to anti-aging treatments.

Results from Sculptra are not instantaneous; instead, they develop over time, typically becoming noticeable after a few treatment sessions. The gradual process ensures a natural-looking enhancement, with the full effects lasting up to two years or more in many patients. For those seeking a discreet and enduring solution to the signs of aging, Sculptra at Sevid Beauty Spa offers an elegant option. We invite you to book your appointment today and take the first step towards a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance with long-lasting results.

The Treatment


Sculptra is often used in the cheeks to restore lost volume, creating a fuller, more youthful appearance. As the body’s natural collagen production is activated, the cheeks gradually lift and plump, reducing the sunken or hollow look associated with aging.

Using BOTOX or Dysport will help you to prevent and treat forehead wrinkles and lines, keeping you looking young and vibrant. Treatment of the forehead and scowl lines together is our goal to achieve a natural, balanced result


Hollowing of the temples is a common sign of aging, and Sculptra can be injected into this area to replenish volume, which in turn can help lift and tighten the surrounding skin, subtly enhancing the overall shape of the face.

“11s” are the lines between your eyebrows that appear when you wrinkle your eyebrows. With a quick injection of BOTOX and Dysport®, you can get rid of these wrinkles, leaving you looking smoother and more youthful.


To define and contour the jawline, Sculptra enhances the angularity and structure. This can help create a more defined separation between the neck and face, often resulting in a more youthful and firm appearance.


Sculptra injections can augment the chin area, helping to improve proportions and balance of the facial features. This can also aid in diminishing the appearance of a recessive chin or softening the look of a prominent mental crease.

Marionette Lines

These lines that run downward from the corners of the mouth can be softened with Sculptra, which restores volume and smooths out the creases, contributing to a happier and more rested facial expression.

Crow’s feet, laugh lines, wrinkles, whatever you choose to call them, are those unsightly lines around the eyes. With just a few injections of BOTOX or Dysport®, those pesky lines disappear!

Nasolabial Folds

Also known as smile lines, Sculptra can reduce the depth of these folds by promoting collagen production, leading to a smoother transition between the nose and the corners of the mouth.

Pre-Jowl Area

The area on either side of the chin can sag with age, but Sculptra can help by filling in the lost volume, which helps to straighten the jawline and minimize jowling.


Sculptra can be used to address the appearance of wrinkles and crepey skin on the chest, often resulting from sun damage, by encouraging collagen production and improving skin texture and thickness.

Upper Arms

For sagging skin on the upper arms, Sculptra can provide a firmer look by increasing volume and encouraging collagen renewal, which can tighten mildly loose skin.


Sculptra is used for non-surgical buttock augmentation, enhancing shape and volume. It stimulates collagen production, creating a more lifted and curvaceous posterior without implants.


A good candidate for Sculptra is someone looking to address age-related volume loss, deep lines, and wrinkles without surgery.

Results appear gradually over a few months as collagen production is stimulated, with optimal results typically seen after a series of treatment sessions.

The effects of Sculptra are long-lasting, often remaining for up to two years or more, depending on the individual’s skin condition and lifestyle.

Downtime is minimal, allowing most patients to return to normal activities shortly after treatment. Side effects may include temporary swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection sites.

Before treatment, avoid taking blood-thinning medications and supplements to reduce the risk of bruising. After treatment, follow aftercare instructions, such as massaging the area to distribute the product evenly.

During the Sculptra treatment, you will receive a series of injections in the targeted areas. The procedure is relatively quick, and a topical anesthetic can be used to minimize discomfort.

BOTOX and Dysport reduce lines, creases, and wrinkles around the face. Botox and Dysport neuromodulators reduce the muscles responsible for wrinkles and folds in the skin beneath the surface.

The price and the duration of Dysport are about the same as Botox, but it tends to take effect a little faster.

Neither BOTOX nor Dysport is permanent. BOTOX or Dysport treatments usually require a touch-up after about three to four months. *Results vary depending on the patient.

Following BOTOX or Dysport injections, there should be no downtime or recovery period. It is possible to experience some bruising, temporary redness, or a minor headache.

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